Why Yoga Teachers Use Reiki During Practice

using yoga in addiction recovery practices

At the beginning of a practice, or a yoga class, a teacher might let everyone know that they will be coming around to make adjustments. Helping students get into the right position, or asana, during yoga is essential to maximizing the benefit of that position. Yoga positions are specific, activating muscles to be stretched, strengthened, and to release the energy they hold within them. The healing, energetic touch of a yoga teacher can be relaxing to a struggling student and help them settle more comfortably into a position.

Touch during yoga practice can also be a practice for reiki. Reiki is another eastern alternative practice, with roots in Japanese culture. By interacting with the seven chakras and the body’s energy systems, reiki, through light touch or hovering above the body, helps move energy. Clearing unwanted blockages, reiki can help release the flow of energy. Releasing the flow of energy results in better health, reduced stress, deep relaxation, and more emotional regulation.

Combining reiki and yoga can create a powerful, healing experience, especially for those experiencing yoga as well as reiki for the first time in treatment. Addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis mental health issues live within the mind as well as the body and have an impact on the spirit. Drugs and alcohol are often a way to cope with difficult emotions and emotional experience. By drowning the emotions with mind altering substances, one is led to believe that the feelings simply go away. Although emotions cannot be seen or felt to the physical touch, they are energetic experiences which just don’t disappear when they are taken away from the forefront of the mind. All emotion is energy. Using drugs, alcohol, or any other harmful behavior to stuff or hide emotions only compresses them, creating stuck, stagnant energy which blocks the natural flow. Treatment is focused on identifying this energy and the specific emotional experiences which created it.

The only way for this emotional energy to be released is for it to actually be released. However, after years of avoiding feeling, acknowledging feelings, and coming to terms with feelings, it can be difficult to release that energy. A combination of reiki and yoga can not only aid in releasing plugged up emotional energy but create deep relaxation and calm for the process. Healing touch helps those in treatment feel safe within their own emotional experience, an essential tool for lifelong recovery.

Our integrative approach to treatment brings together the best in alternative holistic healing, proven clinical therapy, and the spiritual foundation of twelve step philosophy. We want to see you thrive in recovery with ease. For information on our partial care programs for alcoholism, addiction, and dual diagnosis issues, call Enlightened Recovery Solutions today at 833-801-5483.