When A 12 Step Group Becomes Your Higher Power

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Twelve step programs advocate for a spiritual experience. By the time one reaches the twelfth step they should have had a “spiritual awakening” as a result, empowering them to carry the message to other alcoholics. The term “God” is used throughout texts, steps, and literature for twelve step groups like the founding group Alcoholics Anonymous. “God” is the “group consciousness” of a Higher Power which everyone is meant to define for themselves in their own understanding. Coming to define a higher power which one might call God takes time. For some it is an uncomfortable journey which could be described more as a struggle. Fully turning to and believing in a God of one’s own understanding is a process. Throughout that process, one continues to go to meetings, listen to other more experienced alcoholics or addicts in recovery, and get a sense of their higher power and relationship to it. In the beginning months of recovery, twelve step groups act as many people’s higher power. Going to meetings, talking with others, sharing about their experience- it’s something they can see, touch, hear, and believe in. “GOD” becomes a symbol for: Group Of Drunks.

Attending meetings is meant to be part of someone’s life and part of their recovery. Recovery is a multifaceted lifestyle which should confront all three areas of necessary healing: mind, body, and spirit. Twelve step meetings can have such a profound effect on people that they make it a priority. Whatever you put before your recovery, it is often said, you are going to lose. People tend to take this too literally and put their recovery, specifically their twelve step group program, above everything else. While this “keeps” them sober, keeps them involved, and keeps them away from harmful behaviors which could lead to relapse, it can also keep them away from other important areas of life. Recovery is not meant to be about living in fear of relapse or the many things which could inspire relapse. After all, anyone could walk into a twelve step meeting and offer up a drink or a drug. The true purpose of recovery is to be equipped to live life one life’s terms. Life’s largest term and greatest demand is simply to be lived.

Is there a psychological problem or any major risk when a twelve step program becomes someone’s higher power? Compared to the alternatives, no. However, there is more to life than twelve step meetings and more that recovery has to offer.

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