Traumatic Time of Year

Being Restless, Irritable and Discontent

Traumatic events occur in the lives of everyone, and there must be a point made to heal for there to be any kind of growth. Often times people use an addiction to mask painful experiences from the past- a form of denial. Being in denial is extremely common. Denial can take on different looks in different people. Those who are resisting the pain, are simply putting it off. Over time, this will backfire and become an excuse for unhealthy behavior time after time. Taking responsibility for an addiction is similar to taking responsibility for pain. No one goes through life without feeling emotional pain. What needs to be understood is that from this pain, there is room for growth. Those who try to control pain by numbing it, will stall emotional growth from that point forward until they practice acceptance of this fact.

Proper healing involves different freeing techniques to move forward. Coming to a treatment facility will give those with addiction a safe place to let emotions run freely with a therapist who offers confidentiality and comfortability. Post-traumatic stress disorder can lead anyone down a road to isolation, which can many times coincide with addiction. People who don’t know of healthy ways to cope will almost always resort to addictive behavior. It’s easier to let distractions become the only way to get through uncomfortable feelings. The addict mind will justify and rationalize why it’s okay to act out in harmful ways, even when they hadn’t worked out well various times in the past..

Coming into the different scenarios, such as the holiday season, trigger traumatic emotions. Without the knowledge of alternative, healthy options for the addict, there will not be a strong enough amount of resistance against drinking or using. Things may even get worse as time goes on. Trauma can also become passed down from generation to generation if not taken care. The mind can get complicated with traumatic events. Sometimes trauma will be hidden and only therapy specifically geared towards the issue will result in becoming free from its bondage. There’s no reason for trauma to control life when there is help available.

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