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The Benefits of Equine Therapy

The Benefits of Equine Therapy

Upon entering a treatment facility, it be encouraged to stay open-minded during the whole process. This is easier said than done, but it’s been proven that those who do, have a higher rate of completing treatment. There are a variety of different therapy methods to help patients heal. Equine therapy is becoming more popular in rehabs across the country. The horse is a very spiritual and intuitive animal in which many patients already feel a connection when they come into the program. Horses can sense patient’s emotions and act accordingly. Each patient will benefit from exposure to the beauty and inner peace within horses. There is a unique sense of ease and comfort through this wonderful form of therapy.

When a patient doesn’t respond well to individual therapy, sometimes being with the gentle giant that is a horse will do the trick. Sometimes it is easier to be completely honest with an animal who cannot tell another person. However, once it is said out loud, there will be less power behind the admission. Letting go of the control is the first step. Sometimes it will seem easier to express these feelings to a therapist after this profound experience. Being around these loving beings can give people who are feeling depressed love and joy. This can sometimes feel distant but when it is discovered, it is extremely special. This can prove that there is real hope deep inside.

Interacting with people may have gotten difficult throughout life in the disease. Those struggling with addiction may have gotten themselves into cycles of isolation and confusion. Horses have the ability to respond in the form of mirroring. Patients can now have an understanding about communication on a new level. Being able to connect with the horse builds confidence in those with mental disorders and addiction. If there are patients who are not comfortable with horses upon arrival, there will never be pressure to do anything without approval. Having the option of equine therapy is a beautiful experience and any treatment facility that will offer this, truly believes in the power of the spirit animal.


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