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Partial Care Program

partial care program

The Enlightened Solutions partial care program is properly suited for those leaving detox or inpatient treatment whether at Enlightened Solutions or a partner center.

The treatment program is six days per week from 9AM to 3PM, Monday through Saturday. If coupled with a supervised recovery residence, the experience is much like that of an inpatient treatment program with the added benefit of integrating into the local recovering community. Not every potential client will need around the clock supervision and support, which is why clients are able to still live at home if they choose, giving them full access to our evidence-based and experiential treatments.

How do we determine if our clients will benefit from partial care?

During the initial intake, we conduct a series of assessments that include a biological, psychological, and social evaluation. Our intake team will conduct an assessment to determine appropriate level of care. We assess if a client’s home environment is stable and capable of supporting our treatment efforts. If our treatments and mindfulness practices cannot be exercised in the home, or our client is under high levels of stress within their family environment, we can recommend an area structured sober living house.

Within this assessment we consider the following:


Once the decision is made that a partial care program is the best choice for our potential client, their assigned addiction counselor will meet with them to discuss their partial care treatment plan. As we modify our partial care offerings for each client, we are mindful of the attention to each essential aspect of our holistic treatment – sound thinking, motivated action, and spiritual wellness. Our vision for total well-being requires that we focus on each of these components at the onset of treatment, and continue from there to build a solid foundation of support and life skills to prevent future relapse. Additionally, we’ve addressed the ability of each client to uphold their part of the bargain and resist any stresses that can interfere with our holistic care treatments. To ensure clients are honoring their agreement and that they are utilizing the skills they learn in treatment, we conduct random drug tests and health assessments. Remaining accountable within and outside of treatment is the key to success in recovery.

Call Enlightened Solutions today at 833-801-5483 to find out if our partial care program is the right path for you.