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Co-Occurring Diagnosis

For many years, it was standard practice in recovery to work solely on the addiction, and address possible mental health treatments after the fact. In the past, if someone needed a treatment program for abuse of alcohol and other drugs, but also suffered from mental illness, there were no facilities available that supported both.

The recovery and addiction treatment community noticed this lack of alignment of care, so they decided to begin offering plans in fully integrated facilities that combined mental health and substance abuse recovery programs. This combination of side-by-side treatments became known as co-occurring treatment and diagnosis.

What is a Co-Occurring Diagnosis?

A co-occurring diagnosis means that when a client comes in for addiction treatment, we also do a complete mental health assessment to see what other co-occurring conditions are present.

This is one of the most important things we can screen for when welcoming a new client to Enlightened Solutions. If we simply treat the addiction, we are neglecting the mental health side and treating just one condition without understanding how the co-occurring condition affects the whole person. We cannot truly succeed in our treatments for addiction recovery when unaddressed mental illness could be adding to the need for substance abuse.

Co-Occurring Treatment Benefits:

  • Reduces stress and co-occurring anxieties
  • Improves physiological health conditions with mental health and holistic care
  • Treats both mental illness and addiction conditions
  • Helps people stabilize their lives and sustain healthy habits
  • Treats all conditions for life-long sober living
  • Supports dual treatment efforts as therapists and counselors work side by side
  • Increases mind, body and spiritual health

Co-Occurring Diagnosis Allows for Custom Treatment Plans

Our method of including mental health management in our addiction treatment programs attracts complex clients, and at Enlightened Solutions, we love the challenge. There will never be two clients that are completely alike or two people that have the same addiction and paired mental health disorder; people are not built this way, and neither is our program. When a client exhibits certain personality traits based on who they are outside of addiction and the mental health aspect, we use those traits to customize treatments so that we can connect spiritually with that person.

Holistic Care and Co-Occurring Conditions

Enlightened Solutions is all about working holistically with the whole person, beginning with cleansing the body and then working to train the mind in both wellness and understanding about what we really need in life to be happy without drugs and alcohol. We also work to understand the processes of the brain in mental health conditions, and why our brains produce specific chemicals to create this imbalance.

Enlightened Solutions does offer medication prescriptions as a part of our treatment, should a client require this type of care.

Dual Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health is Important

It’s important that we share this practice of a co-occurring diagnosis and the dual treatment efforts of addiction and mental health conditions. More than half of those treated for substance abuse are known to have mental health conditions; if we don’t start integrating this type of co-occurring treatment, then these individuals suffering from both will only be caught in a cyclical attempt at unsuccessful recovery. If we don’t work with addicts that have mental health conditions, many of them won’t find a way to live the healthy and happy lives they hope for. Call Enlightened Solutions now at 833-801-5483 and talk to someone that can help you and your loved ones treat everything that influences addiction.