12-Step Philosophy

As you learn more about substance use disorder during treatment, you will become familiar with the 12 steps, and 12 step philosophy. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are rooted in the idea of practicing a set of principals that can help change and improve your quality of life.

While we don’t stress any particular belief in religion, we do encourage spirituality as an outlet for stress relief and comfort, and we always ask that everyone respect the individual beliefs of every person in treatment here at Enlightened Solutions. Above all, we share a common goal of changing our lives for the better, holistically.

What Do the 12 Steps Do for Us in Recovery?

When we talk about the 12 steps during treatment, we use them as guidelines for being well-rounded, present, and respectful toward all those we come into contact with, in our treatment program and beyond. These steps build on each other as we share our teachings and life skills for future use. It’s important to take the time to visualize the benefits of each step in the 12 steps and to recognize when we are ready to advance to the next level. We have created a network of resources for each client to draw from in every aspect of their recovery, and long after their treatment is completed.

The 12 Steps Help Us To:

  • Recognize there is an issue we need to address
  • Understand that we need help when things get out of hand
  • Instill the belief in ourselves that we can overcome substance use disorder
  • Remain mindful of our spiritual needs and take comfort in a higher power, whatever that may be
  • Realize we have autonomy and can move toward happiness, joy, and fulfillment each day with each practice
  • Take stock of everything we’ve done in our life, both good and bad, to realize who we are and how to be better in the future
  • Discern right from wrong and to be mindful of how far we’ve come or need to go
  • Realize we have our own power and are supported by others who share in the recovery process
  • Realize that we can change
  • Develop the strength to admit our faults
  • Understand the strength in getting to know ourselves intimately and how mindfulness, meditation, and gratitude can help us achieve wellness and recovery
  • Trust ourselves to keep the promises we have made to ourselves, friends, and family

Our Foundation in the 12 Steps

The principles of our foundation are steps one, two, and three. What these say is that we surrender, but know that we’re not alone. We’re not going to preach these to our clients, but we will teach something along these lines that will give them the strength and confidence they need to succeed in their recovery. We’ll ask the basic questions, and have you answer them internally as you move through each treatment modality. Visualizing your strength and confidence in yourself helps you understand and prepare for the road ahead, including any obstacles you might encounter.

You don’t need to memorize the steps as we teach the philosophies behind them, but we can go over them with you in individual therapy if you wish. Taking care of your own hygiene and implementing a healthy lifestyle is another part of this philosophy – that we first care for ourselves internally, working our way out from the inside to connect with others. Blending the philosophy in each of the 12 steps with our recovery treatments brings out inner peace, harmony, and balance. Thinking back to our Enlightened Solutions logo and the symbols that come together in the Yin and Yang, the koi fish, and chakras, we strive to bring peace to all that are suffering from substance use disorder. Working these humanitarian ideals into our treatments allows us to ease the inner battle surrounding the mental health conditions, emotional distress and physical illnesses that stem from dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Closing out the past is necessary, and we cannot move forward unless we know where to go. To learn more about our philosophy surrounding the 12 steps and how we integrate them into specific treatments or activities, please call Enlightened Solutions today at 833-801-5483.