Chiropractic care works on the imbalance in our bodies that addiction creates. There is a sensory distortion in addiction where the addict’s brain is unable to accurately receive and relay information, because the substance acts as a roadblock to any real physical or emotional expression. The addictive brain has been trained to think it is only functional with the help of this substance, and this dependence causes the addict to fall deeper into depression and isolation, losing all sense of independence, responsibility, and grounding in the real world. Drugs and alcohol damage the brain, poison the body and cripple emotional connections.

Spiritual and Emotional Well-Being Through the Spine

Concerns that need to be addressed when fighting an addiction are first and foremost an individual’s health, but also their spiritual and emotional well-being. The more we poison the body, the further away we are from finding the peace and joy that should naturally course through our being. At Enlightened Solutions, we offer services that re-engage the senses, helping addicts reconnect with their emotions, spiritual needs, and full consciousness. When we combine traditional and alternative therapies into one central focus – recovery – the mind and body are cleansed, allowing the sensory experiences to flow back into the individual one day at a time.

When battling addiction after the initial detox, we start to feel again, and through mindfulness teaching, we learn to listen to our bodies. This mind-body connection is important for our clients addicted to pain medications, opiates, and alcohol, which are typically abused because the addict wants to dull their feeling and emotional and physical pain. In our various treatments at Enlightened Solutions, instead of dulling our senses, we pay close attention to them, focusing on how to manage pain and helping the body find comfort in a natural, organic way.

The back and spine carry so much tension and stress – both physically and as a result of emotional difficulties, as well as the metaphorical weight our shoulders carry from guilt, fear, anxiety, and depression. The spine dictates much of our prolonged feelings of discomfort and our predisposition to addiction relapse, and chiropractic care helps those in recovery invigorate their physical and spiritual balance by working with the spine and associated muscles. During chiropractic care sessions with Dr. Greenberg, he works with the body’s sensors, our nerves, as the chiropractic treatment focuses on the spine, reducing the years of tensions we’ve built, and helping us restore the range of motion we’ve lost due to inactivity, eating poorly, and the abundance of toxic substances we’ve abused our bodies with.

Capture Lifelong Recovery and Freedom from Addiction

When we feel good physically as we work through therapy, we’re more open to lifelong recovery. Our gifted chiropractor, Dr. Greenberg, has over eight years of experience working with our addiction clients, and he’s passionate about his work with Enlightened Solutions. During a chiropractic session, he will stimulate your sensory response and help your body learn to reduce your production of cortisol (a stress hormone). The result of these sessions, especially when used alongside your yoga practice, is recaptured strength and flexibility, and working through these personalized chiropractic treatments will help your body relearn to release neurotransmitters that promote wellness and good feeling all around. After you’ve gone through chiropractic care with Dr. Greenberg at Enlightened Solutions for about three to four weeks, you’ll notice your body showing immense improvement, not only in the spine but in your ability to control your mood.

To learn more about chiropractic care and its connection to balance and freedom from addiction, call Enlightened Solutions today at 833-801-LIVE and speak to our intake team.