MAP Recovery Network

Real Results. Patient-Driven Progress.

Enlightened Solutions has been accepted into the cloud-based provider network known as MAP; this is great news for our patients and those medical facilities looking for the best recovery centers in New Jersey and all along the East Coast. Through MAP, Enlightened Solutions is now contracted with hundreds of providers that offer only the best medical care, medically supervised detox, and mental health care services. The MAP Recovery Network offers clients an extension of care that will allow them to achieve long-term recovery based on years of research and patient cataloging. This addition to our recovery services is an excellent resource for our patients and their families.

When clients enter into a recovery and behavioral health program, they want to know that the program they’ve chosen is the right one that will yield real, successful results. MAP catalogs each client so we can monitor their progress and enter their data into a pool of clinical and behavioral statistics in order to continue to study the efficacy of our holistic treatments, talk therapy, and evidence-based multidisciplinary treatments.

How will this help patients?

This program will allow us to store HIPAA-compliant information on each client that can be shared in their treatment network so that their treatment team can address any issues they may be having in their medical care and mental health or behavioral services. Should a client not engage in a particular therapy or have more success in another strategic set of treatments and activities or with another therapist, we can offer those adjustments in their plan by accessing this information.

MAP will help Enlightened Solutions track client progress and ultimately change the way we monitor clients across the board throughout all of their interconnected medical and behavioral health treatments as they work through addiction therapy. Call our admissions desk today at 833-801-LIVE to find out more about our treatments at Enlightened Solutions.