Alumni Network

Our alumni are a living testament to our successful recovery program and life after our intensive outpatient treatment. Alumni act as a valuable resource for our incoming clients, so those new to recovery feel welcome and confident that they can achieve success at Enlightened Solutions.

What better way to demonstrate the victories we have experienced with our clients than with firsthand success stories? Our alumni events are FUN! We have one every other month and normally have a band and organic dinner accompanied with sharing by a few of our alumni to show the new clients that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

Enlightening Recovery Through Shared Alumni Experiences

We believe in the power of positive, loving energy, and that it transfers from one glowing and open heart to another. Love and energy are contagious, and we hope to light the flame of encouragement with these lasting connections built between alumni and new and existing clients. We hold alumni events monthly, and encourage families to attend as well. Families come together in recovery at Enlightened Solutions, and our alumni can offer support and help them to understand what it feels like for other families to work through addiction and recovery together.

Find out more about our alumni activities and our MAP Recovery Network by clicking here or call our intake counselors at 833-801-LIVE.