Heroin Addiction

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According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, over 600,000 people have become addicted to heroin in the United States, and that number is continuing to rise. This drug, which is a part of the opiate family, is one of the most abused drugs on the market and runs rampant on our city streets.

Recently, an article by U.S. News referenced studies indicating that the rate of heroin use is up 60%, and heroin overdoses went up by 300%. For those of you who may not have realized the severity of heroin use, these numbers should give you some idea of why we focus on this drug in addiction treatments.

Many people that are addicted to prescription painkillers are at high risk of developing a serious addiction to opiates. Many users of prescription pain medications that can no longer fill prescriptions through a physician or steal them from friends will find their addiction source elsewhere. Heroin produces the same numbing effects as other opiates, but is easier to get than prescription drugs, because it’s readily available in various forms that give people the same chemically boosted feelings of euphoria as many prescription drugs.

What happens to people when they take heroin?

The most common way heroin is used through injections. It’s injected right into your veins, so it’s fast acting and gets right through the blood stream and up to the brain in no time. There are special receptors which are like tiny sockets all over the brain and body. When these painkilling heroin molecules hit them and plug in, pleasurable effects cascade all over, slowing everything that could cause disruption and pain to move through the body. The brain slows everything down, including your breathing, your heart rate, your ability to process information, and your functional movement. The duration of the actual high is short, but heroin use can damage the body for years to come.

Signs of heroin use:

  • Needle marks (typically on the arms)
  • Rapid weight loss and muscle reduction
  • Nose bleeds or chronic nasal irritation
  • Mood swings from energized to fatigued
  • Cold sweats or chills
  • Fever
  • Intestinal or digestion problems
  • No appetite
  • Depression
  • Memory issues
  • Heart pain

What’s dangerous about these effects?

When heroin makes its way through the body, the pleasurable effects cause the user to become dependent on the drug. As they use more and more, the tolerance threshold is consistently raised, so that each time they use heroin, they’ll need to increase the amount they smoke, inject or dissolve in liquids. So many deaths attributed to heroin are because overdosing is easy to do when you don’t know when enough is enough. Many people that have survived regular use of this drug and have gone through recovery say that each time, the high is never enough. Overdose happens because you’ve taken too much of a drug whose primary function is shutting everything in your body down, and you’ve given it plenty of ammunition to do it’s job. We want to help you recover from this dangerous addiction that cripples the mind, body, and soul.

How We Treat Heroin Addiction at Enlightened Solutions

If you’re reading this page now it means that you’re willing to seek treatment for heroin addiction – and at Enlightened Solutions, we are ready to help you defeat this dangerous addiction. Whatever causes people to begin using these drugs (whether it’s depression, feelings of inadequacy, chronic pain, or severe mental illness), at Enlightened Solutions we have safe, medically supervised detoxification programs to start you on the road to recovery. After detox, we work on a dual diagnosis, and begin individual therapy to find out just what you need before starting work with our other holistic and evidence-based treatments. We offer treatments that will open up your heart so that you can understand and work through the issues that kept you addicted to heroin. True joy is found within you, not through the substances you’ve grown dependent on, so let us show you how to find true happiness with our custom recovery programs. It’s our goal to connect all of our holistic treatment mediums and modalities to the things that really make you feel whole. Sobriety is the key to happiness, not dulling your feelings, so we work to create natural mood boosting effects throughout the body by finding true happiness and joy in your everyday life through recovery.

People take heroin to numb their feelings and find some type of happiness in those brief moments when the drug attaches to the brain’s receptors and creates dopamine boosts. We want to show our clients that you don’t need this drug like you believe you do. We offer therapies where clients can experience and understand what they’ve been missing in their everyday lives. When you can key into those treatments that open up your chakras and reveal freedom through enjoyment and meaning, you will be free to explore everything that is natural and feeds your heart. We offer equine therapy, art and music therapy, acupuncture to reduce stresses, herbal therapy, family constellation therapy aligned with yoga and meditation. Call Enlightened Solutions today at 833-801-LIVE┬áto learn how to find peace in addiction through our recovery programs.