Cocaine / Crack Addiction

cocaine addiction group therapy

There are two forms of cocaine: one is powdered, and the other is crystallized rock (crack). One version is diluted and synthesized from the pure form and is much cheaper to create a sell on the street. Crack is often created from impure additives that make the drug even more threatening as it is tampered with and sold blindly. Cocaine/crack is a dynamic drug that can affect much of our population, from homeless addicts to top level executive figures.

Studies show that women are more likely to start using cocaine than men, and, according to a study done by the NIDA, women experience a higher sensitivity to cocaine.

Cocaine/crack addiction takes hold of many lives each year and that number increases the more society ignores the problem. At Enlightened Solutions, we know difficulty with cocaine addiction in New Jersey affects so many families, and we want to help you by educating family members about the drug, how it affects the addict and ways to recognize addiction as early as possible. Also, we offer cocaine addiction treatment and detox in Atlantic City, New Jersey to help local residents and their loved ones through this difficult process. Cocaine ruins lives, contrary to what the user believes it does.

Some physical and behavioral signs of crack/cocaine addiction include:

  • Rapid breathing
  • Increased heart rate
  • Clammy skin or excessive sweating
  • Abnormal sleeping patterns
  • Bouts of high energy with crash or sleeping through the following day
  • Reduced hygiene
  • Dilated pupils
  • Difficulty with memory or concentration
  • Nervous movements
  • Nosebleeds and dryness around the nostrils

How is cocaine/crack used?

Using cocaine requires proximity to absorptive mucous and highly vascularized tissues. While cocaine is snorted in powdered form, crack is vaporized in a specialized pipe. One method of use delivers a response in the brain in as fast as a couple of minutes, but others can take much longer. Chronic users of cocaine/crack find that they need doses every hour or every half an hour. Cocaine addiction is one of the tougher habits to quit, but at Enlightened Solutions there’s help available.

Reasons Someone Would Use Cocaine

Those who struggle with cocaine/crack addiction are primarily people who are trying to self-medicate. Past experiences may include traumas such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse or abandonment, where the individual feels powerless and looks for validation in cocaine use because of the side effects and/or altered perception. Those that abuse cocaine describe the use of the substance as an enhancement of themselves that elicits feelings of power or control. However, cocaine produces a false sense of control and self-possession. Cocaine is a dangerous drug, since the dose needed to achieve an initial high, followed by an increased high, is never the same from one to the other. Whether or your loved one understand the severity of cocaine/crack use, one use can kill you, and the risk of fatality only increases with each dose. Common causes of death from cocaine use ends in a heart attack.

We welcome anyone that seeking help in finding solutions in recovery and is open to exploring the mind, body and spirit. Our program was built to work with you or loved ones by addressing the whole person, not only detoxing the system. Lifelong recovery from addiction requires holistic methods. Call our intake team at Enlightened Solutions to discover ways you can remove cocaine from you or your family member’s life.