Limiting Beliefs – Creating New Beliefs to Help Ourselves Heal

Limiting Beliefs – Creating New Beliefs to Help Ourselves Heal

Many of us struggling with addictions and mental health problems have developed thought patterns that we have been repeating for years, often since childhood. With the repetition of thinking them repeatedly, and for years, we start to believe these thought patterns as though they were true. Because we are often driven by the fears stored in our subconscious minds, these beliefs are often fear-based and negative. They can be toxic, self-destructive and self-deprecating. They hold us back, they keep us small, they keep us from living our true potential.





Here are some common limiting beliefs many of us share:

I’m not good enough.

I hate myself.

I don’t deserve happiness, love, success, ____ (fill in the blank.)

I’ll never be happy.

I’m too old to follow my dreams.

I’m a failure.

I’m too fat / ugly / stupid / ____.

Thinking these things repeatedly contributes to our low self-esteem, our self-loathing, our addictions and our mental/emotional health problems.

The good news is we can choose new thought patterns and new beliefs:

I am more than good enough.

I am perfect the way I am, perfectly imperfect, but perfect.

I love myself.

I deserve to have all my heart’s desires.

I can and will be happy.

Changing our limiting beliefs takes practice. We have to consciously choose to practice our new thought patterns. We can do this by repeating and writing our affirmations, using guided meditations, and creating self-hypnosis recordings.

Allowing these new beliefs to take root takes time. Our old negative thought patterns will inevitably return to test us. When they do, we tend to react with fear. We’re afraid we’ll always be suffering with these toxic thoughts and that we’ll never be happy. It helps to have faith that we can heal, that we can gain more and more control over our minds. Try not to fight the old thoughts, as this usually makes the thoughts more persistent. Being afraid of the thoughts and trying to fight them are forms of resistance, which often makes things stronger.

Instead give more time, focus and energy to the new beliefs you’re working to instill. Keep returning to them. Our subconscious minds respond to repetition, as well as to imagination, so as you practice, use your imagination to feel your new beliefs as though you already believe them. Instilling new beliefs to replace the limiting beliefs we have held for years is a powerful way to help ourselves heal from our addictions and difficult mental and emotional issues.

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