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Equine Therapy for Treatment

Equine Therapy for Treatment

Equine therapy is used for a variety of rehabilitation purposes. It is used for children and adults with physical or mental disabilities. Equine therapy is used for adolescents with behavioral problems and as a treatment for people who suffer from depression OCD, anxiety, and dementia. Equine therapy is used for people who have PTSD or those who experienced significant trauma in their lives.

This type of therapy is also used as a treatment option for people with a drug or alcohol addiction. Animals are proven to calm and relax sick patients. All types of animals have been known to alleviate pain and improve mood. Dogs are used in the rehabilitation of people who experience severe trauma and abuse. They are also effective as the treatment for children living with autism. Horses are used in treatment for people with drug or alcohol addictions.

Equine therapy can help people in treatment focus on developing healthier habits as they adjust to a new sober lifestyle. This type of therapy helps a person to stick to a routine and re-learn responsibility. Other counseling and therapies are used in addition to the equine therapy program. Equine therapy encourages a person to evaluate his or her life and think about their life in recovery. The purpose is to provide the individual with tools to assist him or her and help them learn and grow in a new sober lifestyle.

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol can feel ashamed, guilty, and worthless. Equine therapy exposes the person to a completely new perspective on life. As a person cares for the horse, he or she is responsible for the horse’s basic needs such as food, shelter, grooming, and exercise. This helps the person achieve a feeling of self-worth and importance in the animal’s well-being and survival. The daily routine of caring for the horse will boost the individual’s confidence and encourages them to care for his or herself.

There are many types of therapies available for treatment of drug or alcohol addiction. Every person’s treatment is tailored to his or her own specific needs. Equine therapy is successful at helping those with addiction, trauma, and mental health condition in the recovery process.

Recovery needs to take place in mind, body, and spirit. That is why Enlightened Recovery Solutions offers a holistic approach to treatment, providing a multi-faceted partial care program rooted in evidence-based therapies, proven healing methods, and 12-step inspired recovery. Call us today for information on our programs for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders: 833-801-5483.