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Be Enlightened

Enlightened Solutions offers a full continuum of substance abuse care by treating the whole person from medical detox to outpatient therapy. Our philosophy is grounded in a multidisciplinary approach by implementing the highest standards in medical and clinical care. We also encourage a strong 12-Step philosophy along with true holistic treatment modalities including art therapy, music therapy, chiropractic, yoga & meditation, and nutrient-rich organic food!

We take great pride in customizing each patient’s treatment experience on an individualized basis. By utilizing a proprietary approach called Enlightened Recovery, we evaluate each client’s specific needs in various areas of their life and then bring a focus to the areas which require attention. This brings balance to the intersection of biological, social, and physiological needs for each client case-by-case. We understand that recovery is often a lifelong process, so we are committed to the continuation of treatment, peer support, and outcomes analysis through our alumni follow up and recovery coaching program.


What We Offer

We offer a variety of recovery programs to incoming clients that will help them stay on track and find that life can be fun and enjoyable without the need for alcohol and drugs. Those suffering from addiction have conditioned their bodies and minds to depend on substances to get them through life, but the truth is that they don’t need these things. Addictive substances force you to live under a dark cloud, disguised as something meant to help you. We want to bring light into your life and teach you that there is much more in the world for you, no matter your past. Enlightenment is empowering, and that’s what we offer here at Enlightened Solutions.

Get the Support and Encouragement You Need

Enlightened Solutions was created to offer those suffering from addiction a place where they can learn more about their struggle, find the support of others going through the similar experiences, and make the necessary modifications to their lives so that they can live well, free of drugs and alcohol. When we find the path to recovery surrounded by loving support and encouragement, we just need to find the strength to put one foot in front of the other and make it happen. There’s always a golden lining to your experiences, we’ve just got to find it, which is what recovery is about.